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Here are some of the things our customers have said about our instructors and our training:


"confident to carry now

Julie and Eric did a great job both in the classroom and on the range. They were very professional, covering all the required material and still kept the class engaged and entertained. I am confident that I can now carry and know what to do in a tense situation and where I can legally take my weapon. I would recommend SAFT to my friends and family."  CHL Class -Glen Yarbrough on 27th Jan 2015


"I took my training from these people. They are professional, and do a quality class. I can highly recommend them."   CHL Class   -Michael S.


"A wonderful day with San Antonio Firearms Training! I have never held a handgun in my life, but after the great and informative classroom teaching and the patience and care shown to me by Chris and Julie Anda, I completed the CHL class beyond my expectations. My husband is former military and also enjoyed the full day class. I can't think of another place I would want to take this course except with SAFT. Thank you, Julie and Chris!"   CHL Class   -JoAnn P.


"I'd recommend it to anyone.   The class was comprehensive and included far more information than I expected. The in depth discussion of situational awareness was like a bonus class in itself. The course was well presented and far more interesting than I thought a CHL Class could be. I've already encouraged my family to take the course and would do the same for any loved ones."   CHL Class   -WRC"Thanks, enjoyed the class!!!"   CHL Class   -Mark H.


"Finally a class for me!  I have been a CHL holder and gun owner for years. I have am not a newbie when it comes to my gun but I felt as though I didn't know enough to feel comfortable. After lots of money spent on classes that were either too behind or too advanced for my situation, I finally scheduled a one on one class with Eric. I must say its the best thing I ever did. I got exactly what I wanted and now feel safe. I will be back for more classes! Thank you Eric!"   Private Handgun Training   -Diana


"A great class for beginners..  I am a first time gun owner and really wanted to know about how to shoot, so I looked around. The description seemed like what I wanted. After attending the class I can say well worth it. Dale the instructor covered everything I wanted to know. He made sure I was learning the right, and most importantly, the safe way to shoot my pistol. I now have the knowledge how to become a better shooter as a whole."   Basic Handgun   -Richard


"Great class Dale, Thanks!"   CHL Class   -Timothy S.


"BEST Investment!  This class was hands down one of my BEST investments ever. I can say with confidence that I learned a lot of valuable info and added plenty of tools to help with my training. The instructor was one of the best teachers I've ever had and actually cared about us learning and retaining info, unlike the others who are only in it for the money."   - Tactical Pistol 1   -Student


"Just recently took the Tactical Carbine 1 Course given on march 8-9,2014. Very good instruction was very thorough on all aspect of the carbine. Addressed all concerns and questions that were asked. The one thing that I really like about the class is that it was given by instructors that have been in actual combat and have used and can testify that the material can and does work it worked on constantly. There were no "fake" answers given. If they did not know the answer they said they would fine out for you or demonstrate it. The material given is fantastic They stress the importance of consistency and the basic which a lot of people forget. I would highly recommend this class to anybody that have a carbine and want to get the most out of their skills."   Carbine 1 Course   -Edward G.


"Exceeded All Expectations!  Two reasons to be nervous - I am a first time gun owner and really no idea what to expect in the Basic Pistol Course. Took just a few minutes for Eric Scott to put me at ease. Never felt pressured and this expert gunman did not talk down to me. During each step of the training, Eric offered opportunities for questions multiple times. Very important to me, he started out with the basic gun safety rules and every few minutes safety was again stressed. Easily 200% of what I expected in both information provided and time allocated for the course. Thank you to Eric Scott for all your patience and to Alamo Tactical for making this great training available."   Basic Pistol Course   -Ernie O.


"Awesome Women's CHL Class!  The class was a perfect size & Julie was an excellent instructor! She made us feel very safe while shooting & assured us of her knowledge of gun rules & regulations. I had a blast!"   Womens CHL Class   -Connie M.


"Excellent Training from Experts.  I took the Carbine Block 1 Course from Chris and Eric on March 8 and 9, 2014. The course was broken into two parts - a classroom session on Saturday morning, and practical instruction on Saturday afternoon and Sunday. The classroom session was an excellent overview of the platform; just the right length and level of detail for a beginner. Chris and Eric tag-teamed the demonstrations and discussion, and kept up the pace. The range session focused on practical application of some of the classroom discussion, and began with an exercise in zeroing the sights. This was not just a mechanical "watch and do" exercise - during the range session, both Eric and Chris did an excellent job of describing both the "how" and "why" of all the exercises, and were adept at putting the range practice session into an operational context. The weather for the range session was an issue for me - I have a neurological disease that makes movement difficult, and the cold and rain the day of the class impacted my ability to participate. The instructors were understanding, but didn't compromise the quality of their instruction because of my disability. I appreciated that. They are also flexible in allowing me to reschedule the portions of the class I was forced to miss. An excellent class taught by experts - thank you. I look forward to finishing it."   Carbine 1   -Corey K.


"Great CHL Course!  What I have heard the most from my friends that are CHL certified about their class was "BORING" and dire warnings to me to caffeine up. I think what makes a class like this boring is when the information is just rote and there is no interaction. This class was conducted with discussion and conversation was encouraged. Yes, in the end what you are required to know is not optional but dialogue while still keep on task is helpful to participants so the class is engaging. The range portion of the class was conducted and supervised well. While I am used to being on a range, the testing part made me nervous but the folks at Alamo Tactical helped to keep things serious but relaxing."   CHL Class   -Student


"Great Class!  Dale did an incredible job taking legislative information, safety and procedures, etc. and making it interesting and relevant. The CHL Class is well spent and a must!"   CHL Class   -Student


"Informative Class.  There is a lot of dry material that Dale powers through with just the right amount of emphasis in all the right areas. He also was incredibly patient and took the time to answer all questions. His patience extended to the range work where he made everyone feel comfortable while still maintaining range safety. Great class!"   CHL Class   -Randy


"A Worthwhile Day.   This was the best use of an 8A-6P Saturday that I have had in a long time. Dale Hunter, our instructor, moved the classroom hours along quickly while still allowing time for questions and some discussion. The field qualifying was efficient and fast-paced also. In my case, Dale went above and beyond, taking the extra time I needed to compensate for the malfunctioning of my revolver. Treating us to lunch was a welcome extra. Thank you."   CHL Class   -Charlotte K.


"Positive experience.   A very well put together class, able to bridge gap between people familiar with firearms and those whom are not. A wide varitity of information covered while keeping the class engaged."   CHL Class   -Reid L


"CHL class at Alamo Tactical TOP GUN!  Billy, at Alamo Tactical made the day long class extremely informative and fun. The 10 hours flew by. I am glad I took the class. There is so much false information out there that this class dispelled. It made me so much more aware about firearm safety and the laws that pertain to gun ownership."   CHL Class   -David S


"Dale Hunter "gets people".  He can really sense when to speed up or slow down & not only knows what he's talking about.  But he can articulate it in a clear and humorous way.  I look forward to taking more classes with you."  CHL Class   -Student


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